1K GIVEAWAY | Win A Tarte Tease Palette !

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tarte tease palette

FINALLY, 1 000 Followers ! I can’t express how grateful I am right now. I spend so much time working on my blog, and seeing the results of my work is truly satisfying and encouraging. But even if I am the one that works on it behind the screen, you are the ones that make my blog a place where it feels good to be. Therefore it seemed legitimate for me to reward you with this giveaway !


I chose this Tarte palette for you – actually, my Twitter followers did. Tease is a petite palette that contains six shades, perfect for a daily use. Now that I see it, I’m thinking I should have got one for myself, it’s so beautiful !

  • Whisper: light pink
  • Crush: taupe shimmer
  • Heartbreaker: brown
  • Wink: light mauve
  • First Kiss: mauve shimmer
  • BFF: plum

tarte tease palette



  • You have the possibility to enter the giveaway through three social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Each social media entry is one chance for you to win, so if you enter the giveaway on all of them, you have three entries for this giveaway, three chances to win !
  • One person will be selected randomly on May 4th 2017.
  • The giveaway is opened worldwide.


Here is how to enter the giveaway on each social media:

FACEBOOK: Like my Facebook page here and share the pinned post. 

TWITTER: Follow me here and retweet the pinned post.

INSTAGRAM: Follow me here and repost the following picture with the hashtags #Giveaway & #GlittersAndRoses1K: (Public accounts only, I cannot see if you shared the pictures if you have a private account. You can delete the picture after the winner has been announced on May 4th.)


Good luck everyone ! ♥︎



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