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My quest for the perfect highlighter has been going on for several months now. After several disappointments and a few “I like it but I do not LOVE it”, I asked you on my Facebook page what was your favorite highlighter. The sweet Tina, makeup artist and blogger at recommended me Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit. And what a recommendation.

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I thought I’d give those glow kits a try. I’ve heard of those palettes so many times, it couldn’t be bad, right? So last weekend I went to Sephora and bought this highlighter palette : Sun Dipped Glow Kit.

The Packaging

The design of this palette is pretty simple. The packaging is cardboard, which is not really a positive thing to me because it makes the palette look a bit cheap. I mean, who doesn’t hate it when the packaging looks cheap? But it seems pretty strong despite the cardboard, so let’s give this packaging a chance.

About the inside of the palette, the four pans are pretty big and removable if you prefer to use your own magnetic palette. This is something that I really like ! If I had to say one negative thing about it, I’d say that including a mirror would have been appreciable. But that’s just me, I like having a mirror in every palette that I own.


The Shades

Sun Dipped contains four shades, all of them in a warm hue: Bronzed, Summer, Tourmaline, and Moonstone.


BRONZED is the darker shade of the palette. It is a medium-dark brown with warm undertones and a metallic sheen. The texture is not powdery at all, and easy to apply and blend on the skin. The  color is really intense, I was amazed the first time I watched it ! While this highlighter is way too dark for my skin, the color is gorgeous and it would look absolutely fantastic on black skins. It would make a great eyeshadow !

SUMMER is a light warm gold that will not disappoint you if you’re looking for a richly pigmented highlighter. As for Bronzed, the texture is very smooth and it is easily blended on the skin. I can already tell you that I’ll wear this one on my collarbone this summer when my skin will be tanned, it’s going to be perfect. I can’t wait !

TOURMALINE  kinda looks like a rose gold shade with taupe undertones and a frosted  sheen. This color is hard to describe, but one thing is sure, it is beautiful. It’s a bit dark for my skin tone, but once again, I’ll probably use it as an eyeshadow. The pigmentation is amazing !

MOONSTONE is the lighter shade of the palette, and probably the one I’ll wear the most. I mean, I’ll wear it so much it’s going to look like I rolled myself in it. It looks like it has pink undertones on the palette, but really comes out as a luminous beige with a metallic sheen once applied on the skin. This is a universal shade, it would look great on any kind if skin.



When I saw ABH Glow Kit Sun Dipped, I immediately thought of how pretty those highlighters were going to look on my skin during the summer, when my skin gets tan. If you have a fairer skin however, this palette might not be the best one for you, since Moonstone is basically the only shade that would really look good on fair skins according to me.

The quality is amazing, it made me totally forget about the cardboard packaging that I didn’t like much when I got the palette in my hands for the first time. The four shades have a great pigmentation and all of them have a very smooth texture which made them easy to apply and blend on my skin. The price -$40- is not bad at all for a palette of four big pans.

I’m really glad I bought this palette and I would definitely recommend it for medium to dark skins. You can find Glow Kit Sun Dipped here !


Have a good week Loves !



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    1. The moonchild kit is awesome, and if you have a light toned skin it might be the best one for you 🖤
      Sun Dipped is absolutely gorgeous, but there are some shades like Bronzed are way too dark to be used as a highlighter if you have a light toned skin…

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