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Admit it, we’re all fans of mason jars. I find them so cute and so convenient. Since I also have an unconditional obsession for glitters (if you can’t tell by the name of the blog), I had to reunite both of them to make this super cute DIY Glitter Mason Jar !

This DIY is super easy to do and it is perfect to decorate your desk or selves. Follow those simple steps to make your own Glitter Mason Jar !


What you need for a DIY Glitter Mason Jar:

DIY Glitter Mason Jar

  • A Mason Jar
  • Masking Tape
  • Glue Spray
  • Glitters
  • Bright Varnish Spray






I do not recommend the use of fast grab glue for this DIY, it makes things complicated (Yes I used it once, for another DIY with glitters, and regretted it ! I almost had to start over !). 

Make sure to go outside ( if the weather allows it) or to cover your workspace with plastic bags or newspapers before you begin.

I used multicolored glitters for this DIY, but you choose the color that you want.

Let’s start !



DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Wrap the masking tape around the top of jar, right where the lid goes, in order to be still able to close the jar when the DIY is finished. If you do not wish to be ale to close your jar, you can skip this step and put glitters on this part of your jar. But you better be sure about that, because there will be no turning back once you’ve started to put glitters on it !


DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Spray glue all over your Mason Jar.


DIY Glitter Mason Jar DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Sprinkle your glitters onto the glue. This step needs to be done quickly, otherwise the glue will dry and the glitters won’t stick to the jar.


DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Once you’re done sprinkling the glitters, put the jar in that position (photo above) and wait for  about 10 minutes. Then do step 2 and 3 again to make the glitters more opaque. Wait 10 more minutes.


DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Once again, spray glue all over your jar to make sure your glitters are strongly sealed. Wait 10 minutes.


DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Spray varnish all over the jar. Wait for about 30 minutes, then do it again. Wait 2 hours, to make sure it’s completely dry.



DIY Glitter Mason Jar

Peel the masking tape off carefully, make sure you’re not pulling off the glue at the same time.

Your Glitter Mason Jar is finished !

DIY Glitter Mason Jar DIY Glitter Mason Jar


Let me know if you’d like to try this DIY or have already tried it !

I’ll see you on Monday for my next post.



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