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Hello Roses !You know I’m always ready to try new products, right? A few days ago, I have received two products from Frezyderm : the Moisturizing 24h cream, and the Facial scrub. I had never heard of that brand before, so I was really excited to discover their products.

If you don’t know Frezyderm, it is a dermo-cosmetic brand, offering premium skincare solutions for all ages and skin types. It is paraben-free and not tested on animals. You can find them here !


Facial Scrub

Frezyderm describes this facial scrub as a “gentle scrub that buffs away dead cells, leaving skin radiant and smooth. The cooling gel formula contains jojoba grains in a perfectly spherical casing. This ensures the scrub does not aggravate the skin, making it a facial scrub suitable for sensitive skin.”

It contains some natural ingredients like Moringa Peptide (for  Cleansing | Protection against air pollutants), Fig extract ( Moisturizing | Wellbeing), Jojoba grains ( Exfoliating), and Hyaluronic Acid (Hydration).

My first impression when I applied it on my skin, is that I found this scrub a bit harsh. My skin is not too sensitive so it wasn’t a problem for me, but I wouldn’t recommend it for sensitive skins though. It has a nice odor, not too strong, which is perfect for me because I hate strong odors for skincare products.

My skin was left really  soft, fresh and moisturized. This is a good scrub to me, it did its job on my skin and I’m probably going to use it for a while ! The only negative thing I could say about it, as I said sooner, is that it is definitely not adapted for delicate skins. And this is too bad because this product is described as a facial scrub suitable for sensitive skin by Frezyderm. The tube is pretty big (100ml) which is a good thing, and the price, $19.23 (18,03€), is not excessive for a product of that quality.



Moisturizing 24h Cream

Now, here is my little crush of the week, the Moisturising 24h Cream. I wasn’t sure about giving this product a try at first, because I’m always scared to use another moisturizer than my Nuxe Crème de beauté light (remember, I talked to you about it in my Skincare Routine !). My skin being a little capricious, any other cream I have tried so far has given me spots. BUT that was until I tried that one ! I absolutely loved it.

Moisturising 24h Cream has a very light and non-oily texture, and gets absorbed straight away. My skin feels rehydrated and soft. This cream is enriched with herbal extracts and ceramides, which provide long-lasting hydration and boost collagen. The cream also protects the skin from premature ageing and provides antioxidant protection.

I have now included Moisturising 24h into my daily routine. It is honestly a great cream and it surprised me (in a good way !). Once again, the price ($23,94 /  22,48€) is correct for a cream of that quality, and the 50ml tube will last for a while !


Have you ever tried a Frezyderm product? If not, would you like to ?



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