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Purse Essentials I can't live without

Hello Roses,

I was looking for a lipstick in my purse the other day, and it was so messy that it took me literally ten minutes to find it. So a couple of hours later, I got home and started cleaning my purse. I don’t think you can imagine how many useless things were in it (Unless you have the same problem, which is actually probable). I totally emptied it, and sorted what was really indispensable for me from what randomly happened to be there. I thought “Em, you gotta write a post about that !” so here I am today, drinking a cup of tea and writing this post about the purse essentials I can’t live without.

My gold backpack comes from here, and I love it !

1. Wallet

Let’s start with the basics. Probably the most indispensable item of this “purse essentials I can’t live without” list, my wallet contains basically everything it’s supposed to contain: money, id, loyalty cards, … No surprise here !


2. Phone and Earphones

Since my phone and earphones are like an extension of myself, it didn’t even cross my mind to take them out of my purse. I’m sure some of you know exactly what I mean !


3. Notebook and Pen

I love having a small notebook and a pen anywhere I go. I always have thing going through my mind that I need to write down (mostly because my ability to remember things is close to a goldfish’s). Whenever I’m thinking of a blog post idea, something I have to do or anything I want to remember, I just write it. I used to do this on the Note app of my phone, but there’s just something about writing on a real notebook that is much more pleasant.


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Purse Essentials I can't live without

4. Beauty Items

There are a couple of beauty-related items that have to be in my purse no matter what. My MAC Studio Fix powder, just in case my skin gets glowy. The lipstick I’m wearing that day, because no one is safe from eating a snack in the middle of the day and having to touch up your lipstick. A miniature of my perfume, because it never lasts long enough to me ! And finally, a hairband and a few bobby pins, because I can never stay a whole day with loose hair.


5. Sunglasses

My eyes are pretty sensitive, therefore I like to carry my sunglasses with me anywhere I go. I bought those on Amazon for next to nothing, and they never left my purse since then !


6. Hand Sanitizer

I don’t know what it is about hand sanitizers that makes be want to buy one every time I see one. That one comes from Sephora, and if you like vanilla, you’re gonna love it. This little cutie always has its place in my purse.


7. Dafalgan Tablets

I’m never safe from a headache or any other pain. Having to spend your whole day feeling bad because you don’t have anything with you to ease the pain is not funny at all. It happened to me a couple of time, and I promised to myself, never again !


8. External Battery

As I said sooner, my phone is basically an extension of myself. That means I spend way too much time on it, and its battery doesn’t like it so much. Nothing frustrates me more than wanting to use my phone and not being able to, simply because it died, so I got that external battery on Amazon. That one is pretty massive I’ll admit, but I can’t count how many times it saved my life. It’s particularly useful for long-haul flights (okay, that doesn’t happen to me everyday, but still). I’m actually thinking of getting a smaller one for my everyday needs, and keep that one for those long hours/days where I don’t have access to a charger.



With those items in it, my purse contains all that I need. I finally have a clean and organized purse. The struggle now will be to keep it that way ! It’s so easy to clutter a purse… Don’t you think?

What are the purse essentials you can’t live without?



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  1. Hi Emma!
    I love this post, despite the fact (because of? in spite of? so many semantical options…) that I can’t apply makeup to save my life, I don’t own my own cell phone, and my purse generally resembles a canvas bag. But perhaps it is your verve and joie de vivre that makes me WANT to learn how to apply foundation, find the lip color that is right for me, and maybe even buy a real purse. So, in any case, my hat is off to you, and I salute your march of beauty!

  2. I have that same external battery – it’s a life changer, but I leave that one at home (since we experience looooooong power cuts where I live) and have a more portable one for my bag. Love the post and your pics! xx

  3. I love the photos used – the White Background really works. Its amazing how pretty much summed up everyone woman’s purse essential. In my case, in addition to your list I land up having a book/Kindle and a sanitary napkin!

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