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Messy bun tutorial


Guess what’s my favorite hairstyle of all time ?? YES ! The Messy bun ! That’s pretty much my everyday hairstyle, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of it. It is a pretty quick and simple messy bun to do, but that’s the  way I like it; spending too much time on my hair every morning is something that pisses me off beyond comprehension. I divided my “bun process” into four simple steps. Prepare your bobby pins, girls !


Pull your hair into a ponytail. I usually do a high ponytail, but do it wherever you’d like your bun to be. Your ponytail doesn’t have to be perfect, actually it’s better if it’s not – the goal here is to make a MESSY bun !




Tease your ponytail with you fingers to make it super voluminous. That’s the KEY to a voluminous messy bun, otherwise your bun will be super small and that’s not what we want. We want a big messy bun, so tease your hair !



Wrap you hair around your ponytail’s base, and secure it with body pins. Once again, we want to keep the volume we created in Step 2, so don’t wrap it too tight. Actually, it has to be pretty loose otherwise it won’t look messy at all.




Gently pull your hair apart with your hands, to give your bun a messier look. I also pull my hair a little on the top of my head as in the second picture below, because I like to have some volume at the top of my head. Finally, I like to pull a few rogue pieces out around the face.


We have our messy bun now ! Here is how it looks from the front and from behind. I love the way it looks !

Messy bun tutorial


Let me know in the comments if there are any hairstyle you’d like a tutorial for !



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18 thoughts on “QUICK MESSY BUN FOR MEDIUM HAIR | Tutorial

  1. Very cool!! Teasing with your fingers huh? I’ve never tried that seems like a good idea! Usually I use a teasing comb which I find can be super harsh on my hair and also just leave it extra frizzy. Can’t wait to try this out😃

    1. Thank you ! Teasing with your fingers is much gentler for your hair than doing it with a teasing comb, you’ll see 😀
      Let me know what you think when you will try it ! ❤

    1. Thank you ! I never tease my hair with a brush because I’m too afraid of the damages it could cause too, but teasing my hair with my fingers is muuuuch gentler for them and doesn’t damages them ! 🙂 That works for me at least ! I don’t know what kind of hair you have 🙂

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