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Red & Gold manicure tutorial

Hello Loves !

How about we start this week with a manicure tutorial? I just created this red and gold nail art, and I’m totally obsessed with it. Now that I think about it, it could be perfect for Christmas ! Yes we’re in March and I’m already thinking about my Christmas manicure. Don’t judge !

One thing I need to specify, is that I always use SEMI-PERMANENT nail polish. But you can of course use a normal nail polish for this manicure and every other manicure I’ll share on my blog !

How I did it:

Things you need:
• a base coat – I’m using a Peggy Sage base coat
• a red nail polish – I’m using the Peggy Sage Red Passion
• a top coat – I’m using a Peggy Sage top coat
• Gold leaves – I’m using Andrea Fulerton Nails Embellishments Ornaments
• a pair of tweezers
• a toothpick


Step 1


Apply your base coat on your nails and let them dry completely (2mn under UV lamp).


Step 2

Paint a thin coat of red polish on your nails.


Step 3

When it’s completely dry, paint another coat of this same red polish to make the color more opaque.


Step 4

Apply your top coat on your pinky finger, and cover it with your gold leaf. Use the tweezers and the toothpick for that. As you can see on the photo above, it must not look perfect – we’re going to make it look a bit damaged in order to be able to see the red color underneath.


Step 5

With the toothpick, make a few small holes in the gold leaf to see the red polish that’s under it.


Step 6

Apply a coat of top coat polish on your ring finger. Rip small pieces of your gold leaf, and place them on your nail with the tweezers before the polish dries. I placed them to make them look kinda like a cheetah print. (The picture above is the work in process ! The finished nail is seeable in the next step.)


Step 7

Apply a coat of top coat polish on your middle finger. Rip smaller pieces of your gold leaf, and place them on your nail with the tweezers, putting bigger pieces close to the cuticles and progressively make smaller pieces as you go toward the edge of the nail.


Step 8

Apply the top coat on all of your nails to seal the gold leaves and the red polish. Let it dry completely.


Your manicure is finished, and here is the end result !


What do you think of this red & gold manicure tutorial? Let me know if you try it !




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Red & Gold manicure tutorial

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