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If there are things which I can resist pretty well, shopping isn’t one of them. The warm weather and sunny days just made me feel like I had to give my closet some fresh air and fill it with a couple of new items. So that’s what I did ! I’m so excited to show you this haul. I absolutely LOVE every single item I bought, and I can’t wait to hear what you think of them !



Let’s start with my Asos purchases. Asos  is probably the clothing site I buy the most clothes from. I’m just crazy about it !

I was looking for gold heeled sandals and I found those pretty quickly. I just love the way they look with a cute skirt or dress ! They are pretty comfortable for heeled sandals, and the colour is just gorgeous ! Those shoes were definitely missing in my closet.


Honestly, I didn’t need a new phone case. But this Rose Gold Phone case was just too cute not to buy it !


Again, an accessory ! This Curb Chain Choker Necklace looks chic and discrete at the same time. Actually, I had a choker that looked a lot like this one when I was in high school, but one day I lost it and I have been looking for something similar since then. I’m glad  I finally found it ! It goes well with basically any outfit, from a basic look to a more dressed up one.


I absolutely fell in love with this Crochet Trim High Neck Bikini the second I saw it. High neck bikinis are the new trend, but I have never really been into it until I saw that one. And you know what? The more I look at it, the more I love it. I literally can’t wait to wear it !


Finally, the Gold Mini Backpack ! I have received numerous comments on my Purse Essentials post and on Instagram asking me about this backpack and complimenting it. I promised you you would see it soon on my blog, so here it is ! I have been looking for a backpack for a while, and I was hesitating between a gold one or a black one. I’m glad I chose this one ! The size is perfect for me, and I really like that it has a front pocket. Definitely a must-have to me !



Who doesn’t love H&M ? Whenever I go there, I go out with something new. That’s why I don’t go there too often !!


This sweatshirt. I don’t know if you’re going to believe this, but I bought this sweatshirt like two weeks ago, and I am unable to find it on H&M’s website. I literally spent 30 minutes on searching for this sweatshirt, and nothing. Nada. For that reason I wasn’t sure wether I should show it to you in this haul or not, knowing that you’re not going to be able to get it. But then I thought if I was able to find in store, maybe you will too. Plus that sweatshirt is like the new love of my life, I just can’t live without it anymore. I had to !
In order to feel a bit less guilty about this, I found two cropped sweatshirts that kinda look like this one : here and here.


This haul is officially a disaster. I’m sitting at my desk wondering wether I should keep writing this post or not. I found this super cute knitted sweater and guess what? It’s available on h&m France but not on h&m US. I want to cry. Help.
This one looks very similar, but looks a bit more beige than the one I bought though. There’s just something about knitted sweaters that is irresistible. When I saw it, I immediately pictured myself in a cozy chair, reading a good book with a cup of tea. Is it just me? Tell me I’m not crazy !


FINALLY AN ITEM THAT I FOUND ONLINE ! – Can you hear despair in my writing ?
This t-shirt is… well, cute AF. I’m usually not a huge fan of basic t-shirts, but that one was just… Aww 😍 ! You can find it here, if you like it as much as I do !



OH. MY. This haul definitely didn’t go as expected ! One thing I will remember from this, is to ALWAYS check if the items I bought are available online BEFORE I start writing the post and include it in my posting schedule.

Anyway, the good part of this is that I now have a couple of amazing new things in my closet, and I am happy about it !


Tell me, what is the item you like the most? ♥︎




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28 thoughts on “FASHION HAUL + TRY ON … & BIG FAIL | Asos, H&M

  1. The “WE MATTER” sweatshirt would get sold by dozens among the LGTQI community in my place – and elswhere, surely :)) I’d share the pic were it not sold out as you say.

  2. I love h and m but there sizes lately are crazy! My usual size is a 10 and I’m finding they are coming up very small!!! Either that or I’m piling on the beef lol x

  3. Just wanted to stop by, thank you for your support, and let you know that I’ve moved to and you can now subscribe via email! Absolutely love your blog and hope we can keep in contact!

  4. Hi Emma!! What a fun post. You found some great items. My absolute favorite? Those gorgeous sandals😍😍😍 Oh my gosh!! I think I may need a pair of rose gold sandals this summer. Thanks for the inspiration doll.

    Stylewiseby Debra

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